Bina EPC Contractor is an independent privately owned joint stock company founded in 1976 by a group of professional engineers with vast knowledge and experience in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries. Bina grew rapidly both horizontally and vertically during the first decade of operation and succeeded to obtain accreditations from responsible governmental organizations in several fields of engineering and construction activities of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries.

During the past four decades of operation, Bina served national and international clients particularly in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power Generation Projects and have successfully completed about 130 medium and large size projects to full satisfaction of the clients. The scope of services provided to the clients covered all ranges of Consultancy, Material and Equipment Procurement, Construction and Erection Works and Commissioning and Start-Up of the Plants.

As a technology provided to the industries, we have engaged international licensors to provide License and Know-How to the Licensed Projects such as ILAM Ethylene Projects, and have assigned engineering teams for cooperation with Licensors during Basic Design (BD) and Front End Engineering (FEED) phase of the projects, in licensor’s overseas offices.

Bina is also experienced in the development and assessment of Project Financing Schemes from European and other International Project Financers.

Bina EPC Contractor is one of the pioneering Consultancy Firms and now an EPCC Contractor, with vast experience in Project Management Consultancy Services. With the current increasing demand of these requirements, we are fully mobilized for a prompt provision of these services to potential clients. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, Bina is proud to continue serving our clients as a reliable Technology and Industrial Service Provider with qualitative and quantitative services.