# Project Title Status Client Contractual Scope Brief Scope of Work
1 Alhodeidah Oil Depot & Export Facilities (Yemen) Completed Private Sector Engineering Design & Site Supervision Design and Site Supervision of Oil Depot Jetty, Pump Station & Pipeline for Export of crude oil in Yemen
2 Droodzan Dam Hydro-Electric Generators (Yugoslavia) Completed Fars Water Authority Source Inspection Source Inspection of All Hydro-Electric Generator Equipment in Yugoslavia
3 Linear Alkyl Benzene Plant (Germany & Italy) Completed L.A.B. Company Source Inspection Source inspection of L.A.B. Plant Equipment in Germany & Italy
4 Butane Company, Gas Tanker Vessels (Turkey) Completed Butane Co. Design Review & Source Inspection Technical Meetings and Design Review and Source Inspection of Road Tankers Pressure Vessels in Turkey